Therapy.Coach Mobile App from Therapy on Demand
We're bringing the best parts of online therapy, cognitive training, and emotional well-being together in the Therapy.Coach mobile app.

Free features, updates & access to online therapy, coaching and cognitive games. 

Access a wide range of therapy and wellness providers: from Allied Healthcare, Psychology, and Therapy on Demand Health & Wellness Coaching Programs.
Integrate your records to share with your healthcare providers, trusted contacts, or our companion web, mobile, and IoT products. 
Start feeling better today by tracking your stress, emotional health, and sleep patterns - for free! Soon you'll be able to get AI-driven analysis of your results and custom recommendations.
We're connecting with healthcare providers, networks, and remote client/patient monitoring services to give you peace of mind for all your modern healthcare needs.
Better Online Therapy
Our web-based platform will be live soon. In the meantime, we service requests on a case-by-case base with on-demand therapists and wellness experts available 24/7 to intake clients. 

You can help improve the future of online therapy by taking our short survey by clicking here.
Flexible to Fit Your Needs
The future of online therapy and wellness is here. You improve your cognitive, emotional, and physical skills with the use of our mobile app, virtual reality software, in-home services, and recommended wellness products.
Always With You
You have access to a custom matched wellness or healthcare provider team that you can customize as your personal or family "Care Team". You can modify your care team at any time; book telehealth sessions, chat asynchronously. 
Sync Between Devices
The data you choose to track with Therapy.Coach is available cross-platform on Android and iOS. Our web platform, Therapy on Demand is simple and easy for scheduling drop-in or recurring telehealth sessions with providers.
Metrics on Your Progress
Monitoring your health and wellness measures on a long term basis is a beneficial form of "biofeedback". Biofeedback is any form of measuring your health data, and using those insights to make personalized progress through exercise, mental training, healing modalities, and supportive coaching.
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Therapy on Demand ®  is spreading #worldwide_wellness with innovative products and services to better the lives of all people. Our Wellness Specialist and Customer Service team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help serve your online therapy and coaching needs.

During our beta phase, please send an email or leave a voice message, and the most-appropriate care team leader will contact you back to arrange services and explain your options for care and support.